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Andre & Mario Brothers is a manufacturing company that produces instant coffee mix. Our company is located in Carson, California and sells its products in the US under the brand name “Cafe Mazel.” 

Cafe Mazel has been in the US market for about 10 years before E&J Global acquired the company in 2020. Since then, we have made significant enhancements to our coffee mix product. In essence, while the acquisition of this company is new and the product has been revamped, the product and brand name have been longstanding and reputable. 

Our Advantage

We understand that COVID-19 has created many challenges for our daily lives. Access to coffee can feel stressful with coffee chains offering limited options such as drive-thru, delivery or curbside pick-up. Our hope is that our company can provide a safe alternative in a time where convenience and accessibility are essential for safety. As a result, we have created individual packets of high-quality mixed ingredients (coffee, creamer and sugar), to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the safety of their own home or wherever they may be.

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